Review – The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC (PS3)

left behind header“Come on… When have we ever gotten into trouble?”

We already know the ending to Ellie and her best friend’s story. That’s what makes Riley’s mischievous words at the close of the Left Behind DLC’s opening cinematic all the more poignant. It will inevitably come to a heartbreaking conclusion.

Many might question whether this is a story that actually needs to be told. From the gut wrenching introduction through to its ambiguous finale, The Last of Us almost never misstepped or faltered. Nothing, it’s argued, need be added or removed from the experience. One of the game’s greatest strengths was that it treated its audience like adults. It trusted that its players were intelligent enough to fill in any blanks themselves, encouraging them to make their own connections without the need for clunky exposition. As Ellie tells Joel in those closing moments about how she and her best friend were bitten – and how only she survived – we picture the event in our minds. We imagine just how terrible it must have been for her but we never actually see it happen. Despite this being such a defining part of Ellie’s backstory, we didn’t need to.

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Boot Sales and Bargain Bins – Shadow of Memories


Year of Release: 2001

Developer/Publisher: Konami

Format: Playstation 2

Price: £2.00 (CEX, Wood Green, North London)

Welcome to Lebensbaum, a strange imaginary town somewhere in Germany. An imposing wartime wall looms over it from all sides casting a shadow over the tangle of alleyways, Bavarian-style houses and cobbled streets. The sky is a ominous shade of grey during the daytime. Doors are firmly bolted come night. Nothing much seems to happen here and yet there’s something not quite right. Lebensbaum’s residents drift through life in a collective bubble. They are either too rooted in their small town ways to notice, or perhaps like the natives of Summerisle, complicit in something more sinister. You have to hope it’s the former…

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How Black Flag Fixes Many of Assassin’s Creed III’s Problems

SCREEEDAssassin’s Creed III was a huge disappointment. It was a disjointed, unfocused game that became the victim of its own wild ambition. So when Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag was announced the reaction was fairly muted. Many people, myself included, had been soured by the previous entry and raised their eyebrows at the idea of another numbered sequel releasing only a year later. And yet Black Flag is surprisingly good. Ubisoft has duly noted AC III’s substantial list of problems and improved it in practically all the areas that matter. Connor’s laborious slog through the American Revolution left a bad taste in the mouth, but Black Flag’s buoyant pirate adventure may just be the shot of rum that washes it away. Here’s why:

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