Review – Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

call-of-duty-advanced-warfare-walkthroughIt’s strange to think that Call of Duty campaigns used to be relatively sobering affairs. The World War 2 titles were rooted in that horrific reality despite obvious dramatic licensing. Modern Warfare too felt troublingly close to home at times – everyone remembers Death from Above and how it blurred the line between in-game and real world footage. That was before each annual installment tried to blitz the last with bigger, shinier guns and even glitzier set-pieces.

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Review – Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

mordor 1What first springs to mind when you think of The Lord of the Rings? The Hobbits of the Shire? Seraphic Elves with long flowing locks and pointy ears? That innocuous line from the first film that spawned one of the most infamous memes ever? Or, god forbid, Tom Bombadil?

Amid the surface high fantasy and all the piss-taking and parody that inevitably comes with it, it’s easy to forget The Lord of the Rings’ dark undertones. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor isn’t content to act as gentle reminder of these macabre themes. Yes Elves, Dwarves and the expected swordplay and sorcery are here, but developer Monolith is quick to signpost the bloody road that its game is heading down.

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A Game of Two Halves – Wolfenstein: The New Order

wolfenstein-the-new-order-walkthroughWilliam ‘B.J’ Blaskowicz has changed so much and yet so little. Once barely more than a tiny pixelated face at the centre of Wolfenstein 3D’s HUD, he’s now a hulking high-def mass of polygons. Back in 1992 he was the embodiment of the shoot-first-ask-questions-later attitude – or perhaps more accurately, shoot-first-and-never-ask-any-questions-at-all. Yet fast forward to 2014 and we’re treated to his pseudo-philosophical babblings about the nature of existence. These days good old ‘Blasko’ seems to be taking himself a lot more seriously. Of course the one constant, the tie that binds the two soldiers past and present together, is their love of shooting Nazis in the face.

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